How long does an order take? 

Please allow 5-7 business days for each order to be made. Shipping time is in addition to the 5-7 business days, not included. We do not offer overnight shipping at this time. We are typically faster at processing. 

Can I change my shipping address? 

We will allow changes for up 24 hours. After that we cannot guarantee the address change. 

Should I expect multiple deliveries for multiple items?

In most cases, there is one shipment. If for some reason your purchase requires multiple deliveries, you will be contacted directly. 

Are colors exact?

While it is our desire to make the perfect color for you, please understand that we use natural soy wax and color and cannot guarantee the exact color based on environmental variables and the fact that we make these by hand.   

Can I combine scents? 

Feel free to submit your request and will contact you for consultation. We are not responsible for the resulting fragrance and will not accept returns/exchanges in this situation. Please use the custom candle options for these request. 

Why does the cost increase for multiple colors? 

There is an additional fee for multicolored/ marble/ pattern candles. Please use the custom candle option for these request.  

 Is this wick wooden? Should it make a crackle sound? 

Our default candle wick is a wooden wick. The wood is treated by the manufacture to make a calming sound which resembles a crackling firewood. Traditional silent wicks are available by request. 



We use soy wax. As a result variations in temperature can cause "blooming" which is separation from the glass, light spots, bubbles. Because this is the nature of the wax, we cannot return or exchange on these grounds. 

Should there be an error in your, we extend out sincere apologies. Please email info@intheaura.com explaining the nature of the error with 14 days of your delivery date, per the shipping agent.